Teams Real-Time Telemetry Public Preview

Up to recently, it was not possible to view real-time telemetry for meetings in Microsoft Teams. Microsoft has now introduced a public preview, and anyone with the correct role can now view real-time information (audio, video, application sharing) of a call. To view this information, you should go to Users -> Manage Users and search for the participant of the call you want to view:

From there, you can click on the link under Participants or Meeting ID, and as you can see, the status is In progress. The next screen gives you all the real-time information that’s available, for example:

Using the information provided, it becomes easy to even troubleshoot meetings that are currently in progress. Once the meeting ends, data will remain available for 24 hours after which it will no longer be visible.

To be able to view real-time telemetry, you will need one of the following privileged roles:

  • Teams Administrator
  • Teams Communications Support Specialist
  • Teams Communications Support Engineer

One observation while doing some live tests today was that information from meeting participants using the web version of Teams are not visible, and this requires Teams client support to actually work properly.

More information on limitations can be found in the Microsoft docs.