Microsoft Defender Antivirus Performance Analyzer

Quite often I hear people complain about the performance impact of Microsoft Defender Antivirus on their system, and it’s often very difficult to troubleshoot. Microsoft just announced that as of September, they will introduce a new performance analyzer tool. The tool itself does not require any additional components and can be run from Windows PowerShell:

New-MpPerformanceRecording -RecordTo <recording.etl>

The tool will collect performance data (information on top scans, processes, files, etc), which can then be shown in a useful report:

Using the Get-MpPerformanceReport cmdlet you can show and query detailed performance information:

This is a wonderful new addition, which will hopefully help everyone to better understand what might be causing Microsoft Defender Antivirus related performance issues, and provide an explanation when required, based on actual data.

For more information and details, have a look at the Microsoft announcement.