Using Teams with Multiple Accounts on Edge

Every once in a while people ask how to run “two instances of Teams” on the same PC, both using a different account. This blog post will explain how you can do this using the Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge and the Microsoft Teams Progressive Web App (PWA). Step 1. Create a new Profile The … Read more

Teams Real-Time Telemetry Public Preview

Up to recently, it was not possible to view real-time telemetry for meetings in Microsoft Teams. Microsoft has now introduced a public preview, and anyone with the correct role can now view real-time information (audio, video, application sharing) of a call. To view this information, you should go to Users -> Manage Users and search … Read more

How to use Teams Breakout Rooms like a Pro

Ever wanted to learn how to use Microsoft Teams Breakout Rooms? What are they anyhow? During the COVID-19 crisis, usage of online meeting tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom has skyrocketed. Microsoft Teams now has 250 million Monthly Active Users (MAU) based on information from Microsoft’s FY21 Q4 earnings report. This is a huge increase … Read more

How to clear the Microsoft Teams client cache (Windows/macOS)

When you’re experiencing issues with the Microsoft Teams client, it can help to clear the local cache. Before you do so, please sign into the Teams web application at to make sure the issue you’re having does not happen there. If the issue is also present on the web version of Teams, generally this … Read more