Retiring Basic Authentication for Legacy Protocols in Exchange Online

Microsoft previously announced in 2019 that it would be taking steps to retire basic authentication for legacy protocols in Exchange Online. In 2021, Microsoft also announced they would be disabling legacy authentication on tenants for protocols not being used, while leaving it enabled for those protocols that were still in use. Microsoft announced today that … Read more

How To: Exchange Online External E-mail Tagging

Recently I wrote a blog post about using the First Contact Safety Tip, in which I mentioned that many organizations nowadays add a brief warning message in the e-mail content body warning recipients that the e-mail originates from an external sender. As a side effect, this also means the message is usually included in any … Read more

Exchange Online First Contact Safety Tip

With the proliferation of phishing campaigns, it’s now more than ever important to make sure people know how to recognize e-mail phishing and sender impersonation. Nowadays, many organizations add a generic banner at the top of their e-mail or an additional tag in the subject of an e-mail stating that the e-mail was received from … Read more