Using Teams with Multiple Accounts on Edge

Every once in a while people ask how to run “two instances of Teams” on the same PC, both using a different account. This blog post will explain how you can do this using the Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge and the Microsoft Teams Progressive Web App (PWA). Step 1. Create a new Profile The … Read more

Passwordless Sign-In using Microsoft Authenticator Experience Changing

As an important reminder, Microsoft will change the passwordless sign-in using authenticator experience in October. For passwordless sign-in, Microsoft previously used a number matching feature, where it would display 3 numbers in the Authenticator app and the user would need to select the number that corresponds with what they see on their screen. To improve … Read more

Teams Real-Time Telemetry Public Preview

Up to recently, it was not possible to view real-time telemetry for meetings in Microsoft Teams. Microsoft has now introduced a public preview, and anyone with the correct role can now view real-time information (audio, video, application sharing) of a call. To view this information, you should go to Users -> Manage Users and search … Read more

Retiring Basic Authentication for Legacy Protocols in Exchange Online

Microsoft previously announced in 2019 that it would be taking steps to retire basic authentication for legacy protocols in Exchange Online. In 2021, Microsoft also announced they would be disabling legacy authentication on tenants for protocols not being used, while leaving it enabled for those protocols that were still in use. Microsoft announced today that … Read more

Microsoft Defender Antivirus Performance Analyzer

Quite often I hear people complain about the performance impact of Microsoft Defender Antivirus on their system, and it’s often very difficult to troubleshoot. Microsoft just announced that as of September, they will introduce a new performance analyzer tool. The tool itself does not require any additional components and can be run from Windows PowerShell: … Read more

How To: Exchange Online External E-mail Tagging

Recently I wrote a blog post about using the First Contact Safety Tip, in which I mentioned that many organizations nowadays add a brief warning message in the e-mail content body warning recipients that the e-mail originates from an external sender. As a side effect, this also means the message is usually included in any … Read more

Microsoft Introduces Defender for Endpoint P1

Today Microsoft announced they are introducing a new Defender for Endpoint P1 license. Defender for Endpoint has been available for some time already, as part of the Microsoft 365 E5, Windows Enterprise E5 or Microsoft 365 Security E5 licenses. Microsoft will make a subset of capabilities available as part of the P1 license, supporting client … Read more

How to use Teams Breakout Rooms like a Pro

Ever wanted to learn how to use Microsoft Teams Breakout Rooms? What are they anyhow? During the COVID-19 crisis, usage of online meeting tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom has skyrocketed. Microsoft Teams now has 250 million Monthly Active Users (MAU) based on information from Microsoft’s FY21 Q4 earnings report. This is a huge increase … Read more

Retirement of Azure AD Graph and License Management Changes

Microsoft announced on August 26th, 2021, that Azure AD Graph and some license assignment and update APIs will be retired per June 30, 2022. Effectively this means that as of this date, any applications using the Azure AD Graph need to migrate to the Microsoft Graph instead, and a few PowerShell cmdlets part of the … Read more

Exchange Online First Contact Safety Tip

With the proliferation of phishing campaigns, it’s now more than ever important to make sure people know how to recognize e-mail phishing and sender impersonation. Nowadays, many organizations add a generic banner at the top of their e-mail or an additional tag in the subject of an e-mail stating that the e-mail was received from … Read more